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Canadian doctors use novel Chinese heart valve to save patients更多>>
Yan, the owner of Xian Jiren Hospital, was one of the first private hospital operators in China and one of the few able to maintain fast growth. 2020-10-16
A staff member gives sign language translation during the sixth national congress of the China Disabled Persons Federation, in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 2020-10-22
Takeoff and landing tests of J-15 fighters, the navys main strike force, from the Liaoning have thus far been successful. 2020-10-5
The Chinese governments fight against corruption since the end of 2012, which strictly prohibits fine dining and presenting gifts paid for with public money, may have had an effect on wine sales, Xavier de Eizaguirre, chairman of Vinexpo, the worlds leading wine and spirits exhibition, told China Daily. 2020-10-12
Ni said problems some-times arise when a foreign company recruits Chinese employees. 2020-10-27
The warning comes amid heightened security concerns in China following recent suicide bombings and stabbings. 2020-10-9
Today I am watching a similar story begins to unfold with Chinese investment in the US, Orlins added. 2020-10-27
It has to be extremely precise. 2020-10-14
14 years of China through western eyes更多>>
When the head of the family dies, this property becomes an inheritance, and there can be many beneficiaries. 2020-10-12
1 trading partner in 2013, with bilateral trade of 115. 2020-10-3
We were assaulted and stabbed by the security guards of the scenic spot while we were asking for the ticket refund, said Dong on his Sina Weibo, Chinas Twitter-like microblogging service. 2015-12-28
He added that the primary goal is to ensure that people in the east should be offered clear guarantees of the protection of their rights. 2016-4-26
gov]PLA Guard of Honor members performMaiden voyage for PLA spokeswoman. 2017-12-21
Xie, the reports compiler, said: Increasing public complaints will help push the government to improve its work. 2019-6-13
Environment protection and improvement, as a sector, has been put in a significant position, said a research note from Sinolink Securities. 2017-1-19
Chen Mingming, Chinas former ambassador to Sweden, told China Daily, The treaty can contribute to avoiding trading disputes and protectionism. 2017-4-26
The boy now weighs 3.
However, service activity growth has softened in each month of 2017 so far, as tepid growth in the manufacturing sector weighed on manufacturing-related service industries.
Chen Yan, Chinas first blind piano tuner, rides metro with her guide dog, Jenny, in Chengdu, Southwest Chinas Sichuan province, on Dec 11, 2013.
5 billion yuan to 129 billion yuan.
He added that there are already some counseling sessions in place to prepare the entrepreneurs for a possible failure in business.
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London Eye and the River Thames.  He will not stoop down, cross legs, pick his nose, or play with his feet.
On Saturday alone, train travel reached 9.  In particular, the biggest hurdles SMEs face are supply chain financing and the high costs of operational capital.
Quiet time and writing: Obama plots new chapter更多>>
It was set up to help developing countries share knowledge and expertise so that all can benefit from innovations and good practices that have been tried and tested in countries facing similar conditions and challenges. 2019-4-10 
A 2-day innovation event for college students in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei was held here on August 23, in which more than 20 colleges took part. 2015-11-2 
Its clinic in Johannesburg, for instance, is open but has no doctors. 2017-10-19 
The APM train cars are equipped with rubber wheels. 2019-4-9 
Cases reached 369 as of Dec 9, said Du Wanhua, a senior judge of the court. 2015-12-20 
However, according to Guo, some NGOs still havent registered, although he didnt give a specific number. 2015-1-1 
The world, however, is still overshadowed by frequent economic recessions and financial crises, that time and again sank the world economy to the bottom. 2016-11-1 
  Chinas 2nd most wanted economic fugitive gets life sentence更多>>
But Cleveland has had a resurgence, so much so that it was the site for the Republican convention in July. 2019-11-24 
[Photo provided to ]A Nobel laureate, a domestic tech tycoon and several top scholars of different disciplines gathered at a forum on the Tsinghua campus Friday, discussing how technology will drive industry development. 2015-7-8 
Pan argues that this again offers opportunities for Africa. 2018-4-23 
Operators decided to begin routing water through the canal 51 days ahead of the planned September start date due to the severity of the drought lingering in the reaches of the Hanjiang. 2016-9-10 
During the drill, groups of helicopters will conduct rocket barrages against the same target from below 200 meters with drones flying above at the same time, said Yan, adding any small error could have severe consequences. 2019-7-8 
Retired miner Liu Linde, 62, said he was thrown three meters off the road when the quake struck. 2019-12-29 
52 million qualified applicants took the annual national civil service exam across China on Sunday, competing for about 19,000 vacancies from more than 130 central government departments and affiliated organizations. 2018-6-18 
Uncertainty a defining feature at start of year更多>>
Since the time after the two conferences this year, we went deeper in relative research and verification and further collected opinions from concerned departments, organizations and various local governments, according to requirements by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. 2018-2-7 
The experts arrived at the Beijing Municipal Peoples Procuratorate at about 10 am Monday and visited the authoritys duty crime investigation center and anti-corruption exhibition. 2019-11-30 
anbaijie@Related reading Long-term anti-corruption Thousands of officials punished. 2016-3-3 
Tourism revenue has become the main source of income for the forestry bureau and the annual average turnover of the hostels can reach tens of thousands of yuan. 2015-2-7 
Local officials will be audited to check how much government debt they have accrued during their terms in office. 2015-7-3 
And Mercedes-Benz brought its first, and also the worlds first, mass-producible fuel-cell car to the show. 2015-3-9 
The release was carried out by Israel overnight to avoid the larger spectacle of having to witness the celebrations over the killers freedom. 2015-7-25 
Jiang Ningyan and her husband make about 20,000 yuan (,254) a month, but said they still have a hard time saving money after paying living expenses. 2016-7-19 
  Danish climate-themed exhibitions debut in Beijing更多>>
Do you think your company should adjust its development strategy in China?I dont see the necessity to adjust our strategy here in China. 2015-2-30 
Zhou said he hoped the establishment of the memorial hall would help promote the citys image as a cultural and historical center. 2019-1-3 
But observers said a number of unlicensed companies, helped by easy access through smartphone apps, offer online lottery sales because of the low odds of buyers winning the jackpot. 2015-8-26 
The collaboration between China and Australia can be dated to three decades ago when Australia helped facilitate Chinas first visit to east Antarctica and the two nations provided support in logistics and emergency and rescue over the years. 2017-6-24 
Manufacturing technologyThe president wants to fully realize his plan to build 45 manufacturing innovation centers. 2018-6-20 
A robot works at a plastic molding factory on May 9, 2013, in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. 2017-9-2 
Five villages within the citys jurisdiction saw per capita disposable income reach 13,400 yuan last year, with the village’s collective income growing 60 percent. 2018-6-29 
This made him even more determined to help, he said. 2017-9-25 
Fake seals seized|China更多
China publishes standards on stem cell use更多
  28 square kilometers, started construction in 2006 and opened as a destination for cross-border shopping in April 2012. Liu Yulian has worked at the hospital for 29 years and is head nurse of the third inpatient area, where about 60 patients with schizophrenia are being treated. Mansion has been sold in several major cities in China and attracted quite a number of followers so far. If we wish to survive, we must abide by the rules. 1 dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty in the 13th century and is recognized as one of the oldest and biggest merchant boats ever sunk in Chinese waters.
  LANZHOU - A man was executed on Tuesday for killing his parents for insurance compensation in northwest Chinas Gansu Province, according to a statement from the provincial High Peoples Court. The Beijing-based company, backed by bad-loan manager China Cinda Asset Management Co, is evaluating two investments of about billion each into senior housing properties in the US, Co-Founder and CEO Greg Peng said. Work as a volunteer has taken Lu Zhonghong, 45, to almost every major disaster site in China during recent years. [Photo/China Daily]China Southern Airlines and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the third World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, an ancient water town in Zhejiang province.